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Miniware 1-2-3 Omaha Mall Max 52% OFF Sip Cup Toffee +

Miniware 1-2-3 Sip! Cup (Toffee + Toffee)


Miniware 1-2-3 Sip! Cup (Toffee + Toffee)


Product description

The Miniware 1-2-3 Sip! is the only true training cup which helps a child advance all the way from a straw to mastering a real cup. Children practice all the complex movements in steps without opening the valve all the way. It's like drinking with training wheels. At first a child can sip from the silicone straw, which is soft and feels good against gums and teeth, then move on to practice tilting and drinking from the Lid + Spout, and finally master a real cup on their own.

Everyday Durability
One downside of natural materials in modern life has been the low durability. Our advanced PLA is strengthened to support everyday modern family life. It is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and much less brittle compared to most plant-based materials.
Affordable Eco Living
Miniware are produced with high quality renewable materials and at a reasonable price. Our designs adapt to your child's ever-changing phases, so you don't need to continuously buy more products for every new development. As a result we are able to provide an overall more affordable option to our community of eco leaders promoting a cleaner solution to the health and baby industry.
Made From Renewable Resources
Our PLA uses cassava as the primary material because of its lower environmental impact, quick growing time and ability to grow in a wide range of conditions.
No Toxins Required

A major drawback of petroleum based products are the toxic catalysts such as BPA, which have a lasting impact on our bodies, brains and overall health. With Miniware you can rest assured that all our PLA products are natural and free of harmful chemicals.

Miniware 1-2-3 Sip! Cup (Toffee + Toffee)

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